About Us

About Us

     Bank of Jiangsu, a  modern joint - stock commercial bank, was founded by merging and reorganizing  the ten commercial banks in cities of Wuxi, Suzhou and Nantong in Jiangsu  province, which created a new model of local corporate banking reform. Formally  entered service on January 24, 2007, It is a Large local provincial corporate  bank in Jiangsu.


       Bank of Jiangsu,  adhering to the mission of “providing  high-quality financial service for customers and guided by the enterprise  culture of “Integration and innovation, pragmatic and assuming, excelsior and adolescing”, always sticks to the development direction of characteristic, intelligence, internationalization and integration and devotes itself to the construction of a characteristic and first-rate commercial bank with core competition advantage. It has now developed into a modern joint-stock bank boastingstrong comprehensive strength and market competitiveness. As of the end  of 2016, it has possessed total assets of 1,598 billion yuan, total deposits of  907.4 billion yuan, and has provided loans of 649.4 billion yuan in total.


        At present, Bank  of Jiangsu has set up 13 provincial branches, 4 branches outside the province,  forming a service network not only covering the three economical circles of  Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, and Bohai Sea, but also all countries in  Jiangsu. It has 541 business office in total and 14,000 employees. It  established Suyin Financial Leasing Company and Danyang Baode Rural Bank. On  August 2, 2016, its Initial public offering of A shares was successfully listed  on the Shanghai Stock Exchange (stock code: 600919).


       The development of  Bank of Jiangsu has been widely recognized by all sectors of society. It has  been presented the honorary titles of“Outstanding Enterprise in Jiangsu Province”and“The National Banking Financial Institutions Small and Micro-Enterprise Financial Services Advanced Units”by Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee and Jiangsu Provincial Government, and has been rated  as “The Most Competitive Small and Micro Banks”by Financial Times. It ranked 117th among the top 1000 world banks listed by the Banker (a British professional magazine) in 2017. As one of the fastest growing banks in China, it  was named as “The Best City Commercial Bank in China”by Global Finance(U.S.).

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