The asset custody department of Jiangsu Bank was established in June, 2013, and it is formally set up as level-1 department of the head office in August,2015. It achieved the qualification of the securities investment fund and the qualification of insurance funds custody respectively on June 23, and December 26, 2014. the department consists of three teams: business marketing, operations management and risk management. Since it started its comprehensive businesses, the department keep itself closely around the development strategy planning of our custody business. It insisted on the business philosophy of "Client Centered, Service Oriented", and constantly improved the system of custody business and conduct a comprehensive construction of our asset management system. It has launched innovation business products such as "Wenyin Scheme" and "RongYiguan". By the end of 2015, the size assets managed by Jiangsu Bank has exceeded a trillion yuan, with the intermediary business avenue of over100 million yuan.

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