Consumer Finance

Shui E Rong ( Internet ConsumerLoan)

    一、Product Introduction

            Joined hands with Local Tax Bureau of Jiangsu Province, Bank of Jiangsu is now offering credible clients who have made tax payments in accordance with the law in Jiangsu a tax-credit and consumer credit compound loan product which is guarantee and collateral free, The credit is based on tax payment records. Shui E Rong has following characteristics:


    Easy to apply: On the basis of the taxpaying records, it’s free of collateral and guarantee. Customers only need to provide their valid ID card(the second generation) to apply the loan.

    Diverse channels to apply: Customers can make application through channels like the two-dimensional code of ‘Shui E Rong’, the BOJ Direct Banking, the Mobile Banking as well as the Personal E-Banking. It’s also available to apply from our salesmen.

    Convenient to utilize the loan funds: Customers can utilize the loan funds through the Mobile Banking of professional version to make borrowing and repayment freely within the credit periods. The credit is revolving while three ways of repayment regarding daily interest, equal installments of principal as well as equal installments of both principal and interest are supported.

    二、Using Process

    1. Loan Application

    Online application: Applicants can scan the two dimensional code of ‘Shui E Rong’ internet consumer loan, or log on the BOJ Direct Banking, Mobile Banking and personal E-Banking to apply online.

    Offline application: After receiving the clients’ applying information through the mobile financial platform of the bank, we would contact the customers by telephone in time and make an appointment afterwards.

    2. Online Approving and Lending

    Using the ‘personal loan Center’ menu in our professional Mobile Banking to utilize the loan funds freely. Detailed steps are the same with ‘Xiang E Rong’.

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