Personal Savings

Debit Card

    Primary Functions:

    One Card linked with Multiple Accounts

    The BOJ debit card with the personal settlement account as the basic account could be linked with multiple other accounts like general saving accounts, passbook of current savings, passbook of fixed savings,deposit in installments while withdraw in lump sum, deposit in lump sum and withdraw the interest periodically, credit cards, etc. to realize transfers amount connected accounts, avoiding inconvenience and risks in carrying various passbooks.

    ATM Servuce                                                                                                                        

         Support 24 hours withdrawals, transfers, password modification, balance check-out, etc. on BOJ ATM, as well as withdrawals, check-out and other services on other banks' ATM with UnionPay mark.


            Enjoy no charge of any processing fees for card consumption at cooperative stores of BOJ and other stores (malls, hotles, recreation places, etc.) with "UnionPay" mark with a BOJ debit card and password. With a BOJ debit card, say goodbye to hassles in carrying cash.

        Mobile Bankin

            Catch up with account updates and manage wealth at ease with a BOJ debit

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